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Almost 3000 participants have been included!

Watch the mini-documentary and see the study team in action!

At this moment, almost 3000 participants have been screened on TB by our PriNose team! In three prisons in Paraguay the team has carried out the study by performing mass screening. Do you want to see how they did that? Watch the video, made by the volunteer prisoners!

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Personal stories of our study team

Why are our researchers and healthcare professionals working in the PriNose study? What does the work mean for them? And what is in their opinion the importance of the PriNose study?

Listen to their personal stories below (in Spanish).


Radiographist in the PriNose

Marlena is the lead in the rediography work of the PriNose. Before this, she worked as a cleaner in the National TB Program in Asuncion, but she turned out to have a history in radiography and now is extremely competent in our study team! She tells us: "Para mi, hablar de PriNose es hablar de cambio" ("For me, talking about the PriNose is talking about change"). Listen to her personal story by clicking on the video.


Tuberculosis screening with Aeonose and CAD4TB® in Paraguayan prisons

Tuberculosis in Paraguay

Tuberculosis is one of the main causes of death by infectious diseases in Paraguay. Tuberculosis is especially prevalent in crowded places with poor living conditions and bad ventilation. Prisons are an example of such places. The prevalence of TB in Paraguayan prisons is estimated to be 100 times higher than the national prevalence. 

The research

The aim of the World Health Organization (WHO) "End TB Strategy" is to end the global pandemic by 2035. If we want to achieve that, we need better diagnostic techniques to improve screening of high-risk populations.


This study researches TB the AeoNose™ (an electronic nose device) and CAD4TB® (chest X-ray with computed automated detection) in a specific high-risk population: prisons in Paraguay. The study population will consist of prisoners and prison employees. 

After providing informed consent, this study will systematically screen prisoners and its employees for TB, with the AeoNose™ and CAD4TB® and compare them with the gold standard for TB, a mycobacterial culture. 

You'll find a video about the procedure of the informed consent here.

For more information, see the registration of this trial in by clicking here.

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