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Founded in 2019, the EUSAT-TB consortium performs capacity building, facilitates knowledge exchange and creates network opportunities for tuberculosis professionals in Europe and Latin-America. With these activities, the consortium is also helping to end tuberculosis. 

Who are we?

11 institutions participate in this consortium. They are located in 5 different countries


This capacity building occurs through the organization of exchanges performed by researchers working for partners of the consortium. 

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We're back on track!

Last May, we had our annual meeting in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. It was a very inspiring and fruitful meeting, with lots of opportunities for knowledge exchange and creation of new ideas. On Monday, Rachel Duarte and colleagues of the consortium gave an interesting workshop: ‘Is TB preventable?’ The day after, on Tuesday, Karen Cloete from TASK academy in Cape Town hosted a workshop about Good Clinical Practice. Although only a small group was ‘live’ present, lots of others joined online from all over the world. Thank you all for your energy! Let’s keep this spirit and end TB together!

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